Hardcore Crochet and More Riddell Studies

Yes, I know I spelled “Riddell” wrong here, but hey! More studies 😀

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.
I had a rather action packed day today. Well, not the explosions and dramatic shots world saving type of action, but more of a self-stress-induced bad timing nightmare, with baby-carrying-multitasking kind of thing.

See, it all started yesterday, late in the evening, as I sat hugging the heater with my legs, listening to a podcast, stitching a fluffy dog to a lilac background. I was pretty happy with my progress, I planned to finish the body of the bag and do at least half of the handle, when ALL OF A SUDDEN THE ROOM WENT DARK AND QUIET! I waited for a few minutes to see if it will all come back on, but it didn’t. Baby and husband were already asleep, otherwise he would’ve come down and flipped some switches on the board outside and made it all light again. I considered going outside myself, but I wasn’t sure which board was ours exactly, plus it was much colder outside, and I was already freezing, even with my half-arsed heater. So instead of just moving upstairs, where electricity was working fine, I did a very stupid thing – I went to bed.
Fast forward to the next day, Eli wakes up early and wants to play and do fun things, I’m in a bit of a zombie-mode because she kept waking up and I sang many songs of elephants and dolphins… and at about half past nine I finally manage to sit down and work on the bag again. As I crochet rapidly, it starts to slowly dawn upon me that I might not be able to squeeze four hours’ worth of work into two and a half hours. So I started crocheting faster. I had a deadline. I needed to bring the bag to the guy that commissioned it, today, before 15:00. It’ll take me at least 2 hours to get there, and I kind of said I’ll be there around noon… My daughter, sensing my growing stress, started to act a little stressed herself, and wanted to cuddle and play with me instead, which didn’t work too well with my now ultra-sonic crocheting speed. My hands were actually warming up, that’s how fast I was working!

I managed to talk Eli out of bouncing up and down on me, but I still needed more time that I didn’t have. I considered calling and postponing, but I really really didn’t want to let the guy down, since this was a present for his daughter, and I was sooooo close to finishing… So I dressed the both of us, stuck Eli into the baby-bag, and ran to the bus stop.

I crocheted while waiting for the bus. I crocheted inside the bus, forgetting I get motion sickness. I crocheted on the tram. And as I crocheted on the second bus, Eli fell asleep. She was an angelic blessing of a child this whole time, sitting quietly next to me, or watching cartoons on my phone.
I finished the whole thing before we had to get off the bus. I left the handle unattached on one end, because I wanted to confirm I got the length right. I closed it up on the spot, after double checking everything, and as I breathed a sigh of relief upon somehow meeting the deadline, I realized it was 14:00 and I still hadn’t eaten. Now Eli, who was wide awake by that point, wanted to play and explore and was well fed, so it was a little troublesome for about 8 minutes, as I dragged her away from the baby corner in the mall.
I was nauseous with hunger when we got home, and I’ve got a massive head and back-ache, but I’m still a bit high with relief that it’s all over with.

Here’s a close-up of the purple bag in question, and the very curly dog:Untitled

I wasn’t able to take a proper photo of the finished thing, with the long handle that almost made my hair go grey, but trust me, it’s there.

I now have more crazy ideas about creative trouble I should get myself into, so stay tuned. I did make a time-sheet page in my magic Bullet Journal, where I’m keeping track of how long each part took me, so hopefully, I’m not going to run into more horrific deadlines in the nearest future.


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