Curly Dogs and Drawing Frogs

Got my first crochet commission in a long time. It’s going to be a pocket bag with a white fluffy dog, and it needs to be done by Thursday, so a pretty neat start of February 🙂 The biggest challenge with these bags is that since I want them to be both delicate and sturdy, I use a very small hook with this yarn, so the process takes a little longer than it normally would. It works great with crocheting tiny details though, I’m really looking forward to making the dog!


And here’s my last daily comic diary page for a while. We spent hours drawing together today, and I’m getting rather good at drawing animals upside down. Now that I think about it, I should’ve drawn this entire page upside down.. But that’s now a missed opportunity. (Her favourite animals today were frogs, closely followed by bees)


Looking at my list of artistic goals I set for January, I’ve accomplished 2/4: participated in the R.O. Battle and posted daily in this blog. (I didn’t do any work on Boonka, and I’m not going to include any of this month’s drawings in my portfolio.)
I’ve set the goals for next month in my Bullet Journal and I’m looking forward to colouring them task boxes in!
So far, I’m extremely happy with the way I’m organizing everything with the journal, and I’ve become a lot more productive with my time in this past week or so.

How was your January? What’s the one thing that stands out the most when you think about it?

2 thoughts on “Curly Dogs and Drawing Frogs

  • Haha, my January? Went in a blink – you see, I am catching up with commenting just now ))) Teaching, homeworks, some posts… some learning… I am afraid I am not half as productive as you are 😉 Though, I don’t have THE journal! ))))

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    • I know, THE JOURNAL IS MAGIC. You should check out the shops in your area, see if you can find something >.> *nudge nudge* If anything, it can also double up as a sketchbook, aha. And all the stuff you’re doing sounds way more productive than all of my past 3 years combined, just saying.

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