Rubber Onion Battle 2017 #1: New Year’s Resolution

(This might also be my longest blog post title this year :D)

Link to YouTube

As you can see, it changed quite a bit from my original sketch:

R.O.B January battle sketches

At first the girl character was the same comic version of myself that I’ve been drawing this past month daily, and it was all about cheesy cat cuddles and hugs, that helped her overcome the heavy blocks of heavy resolutions, and then everything blooms and looks pretty. While I did want to go with some kind of positive message here, all that warm fluffiness was making my stomach queasy, plus I couldn’t match up the tentacly “wings” to the resolution blocks (with my actual goals and resulutions written on them – oversharing much?) in a way that made sense. I’ve been reading a lot about taking better control of one’s life (finding your center, your “you”, getting rid of illusions and building up your self-evaluation and all that jazz) and I wanted to somehow include that stuff here. How it turned into spiral porn I don’t know, but it looked pretty at the time (2 am, to be exact).
I also didn’t know how to finish it, once the wings were in full bloom. At some point I considered a “Bambi VS Godzilla” ending, but then that would have negated the positivity vibe I was trying for, so I had to come up with something else.

I’m pretty happy with the end result at the moment, and even happier that I actually finished it. I’m so grateful to Stephen and Rob for inspiring and motivating me to animate again. I’ve been talking about animating and working on Boonka for the past 6 years or so, and if it wasn’t for these two I’d probably still be talking about it, instead of finishing my animatic 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rubber Onion Battle 2017 #1: New Year’s Resolution

  • So cool! Well-done! Being specific – the reaction to the blocks is so good – vivid and noticeable! And I like the squashing part ))) I like it all, actually! 😉 Way to go! (Wait, I’ve always wondered about this expression… does it mean – “you are on the right track” or rather “there is still a long way ahead”? That’s my chance to know finally! What do you say, oh native-speaker? \oO/ )

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    • I no natif speek, engrish very hard not mama languaguguaguage.
      As far as I know “way to go” is used in both cases. It works as a compliment when used on its own, but will mean something else if you add more words to it (ie I’ve still a long way to go to achieve proper comic effect).
      Squishing was really fun to draw 😀

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