BuJo Spreads and Cat Feeding

For starters, here’s yesterday’s page all coloured and shown off against a striking background.


I’ve been setting up my Bullet Journal some more. I thought it would be interesting to try the “Year in Pixels” thing I’ve seen floating around the Bullet Journal community. The idea behind it is to assign a colour to a mood, and then colour each day of the year according to that mood chart. I’m not sure why I chose snails, they just kind of crawled onto the page.

February header page. I covered up the goals, and I’m going to add holidays and birthdays on this page as well, as well as probably draw more turtles.


And this is my key. I felt a little silly writing the key before actually using it, and I suspect that my “urgent/special” and “important” signifiers will be interchangeable.

I’ll stop spamming my journal now. This blog is about drawing stuff, so unless I do an amazing drawing in there, it won’t be plastered all over here, rest assured.

Returning to our scheduled programming, behold the latest in my toddler assistant installments:


I’m pretty lucky my cats don’t over-eat, because we’d be in serious fat cat trouble otherwise. And on this fluffy note off I go to animate. I’m so close to the end I can almost smell it…

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