Journals and Markers

My journal arrived a week early today! (I went for the red Leuchtturm1917, having watched a bazillion review vids) Much setting things up was done. I went for the basic Future Log style, and my shiny purple pen died on me about a third in. Fortunately, I found another almost-dead purple pen to finish the job 😀


As you might’ve guessed, I was pretty anxious to start writing and drawing stuff in there, so in order to do that I let Eli sit next to me and wreck my current weekly planner with her “super washable” markers.


As you can see, she’s very thorough. When she picks a colour, she really means it.


Long story short, I got so distracted by my pretty new journal, I ran out of time to colour today’s page. But I did squeeze in another hour’s worth of very slow work on my battle.

Hmm, more photos than text in today’s post, might not be a bad thing at all…

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