Duck-In-Socks and R.O.B WIP

I finally managed to convince Eli to wear some clothes today. The only other way to keep her at least partially dressed for this past week or so has been to dress up to go outside, and then undress her only a little bit upon arrival home. I have also tried to just put clothes on her, without asking for her opinion on the matter, but I didn’t like the resulting misery. And to think all I needed to do was dress her Donald Duck as well!


My Rubber Onion Battle entry is coming along slowly. I’m now doing clean up, thinking I should colour as well. And I’m really glad I picked this particular frame to put in here, because now I can see that I need to fix her tiny raptor arms. You can also see that instead of actual resolutions, like in the sketch, I now have generic things written down on the blocks, I think it makes more sense this way. For now…. The ending also changed a little, not sure if I’m keeping it though.


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