Meet the Bandwagon

I’ve never drawn any meme things before, but this one looked kind of fun, plus I didn’t know what to draw yesterday.. Only finished colouring it today though, so… Double Page Post Time?


I think I might do a few more of these “Eli likes to help” panels, unless I think of something more exciting to draw.


I’ve realized a little too late how badly I have hindered myself with these daily comic pages. Out of all the art goals I’ve set for myself this month, I’m only likely to do the Rubber Onion Battle one. I’ve not touched any Boonka stuff, I’ve not drawn much other than these diary panels, and the big list is looming over me, disapprovingly. I didn’t really plan to do these daily, and they take up way too much time. At least I think I’ve learned my lesson, and I will be much more careful with my limited art time next month.

Anyone else here done “Meet the artist”?


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