Artist Sunday 8: Amanda MacFarlane

Amanda is a self-taught artist, born in New York but grew up in Zambia in a missionary family surrounded by pets.

I stumbled upon her on Instagram, and was immediately hooked. (This here is her site.) She does lovely and hilarious sketches of her kids, among loads of original characters and fan art that she posts in her eye-grabbing style. I’ve been writing this post in my mind most of the day today, and the closest I got to describing her style so far is “like something out of 101 Dalmatians”. While it’s not really accurate, the warm fuzzy feeling I get while thinking about that movie is pretty close to my state of mind while looking at her artwork.


I’ve seen a lot of artists adapt what I think of as “the Disney” style, and I’m normally not the biggest fan of stuff like that, but there’s something different and special about Amanda’s work. It’s as if she’s taken elements of the classic Disney appeal and flow and put her own spin on it.

And this is where I apologize for yet another set of rushed half-arsed sketches, mention my Internet face-planting all over the place, crying toddler head-diving off the bed, and a few other irrelevant excuses before presenting you with my attempt at reproducing some of Amanda’s magic:


My conclusion from today is that I should definitely study more of Disney’s art. I should put into my future Bullet Journal even. So I will write it down on this here piece of paper I just found under my desk, and then put it right here next to my keyboard, in the hope that I won’t somehow misplace it within the next 9 days.


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