Thoughts on Bullet Journals

Before I go into my lengthly rant on notebooks and bullets, here’s yesterday’s page:
Untitled What is the Journal Bulleting I’m blabbing on about? A Bullet Journal is an all-in-one analog organization system. It’s fully customizable, and in theory it will eliminate my need for a bazillion organizers, planners, diaries and very important things written on scraps of paper. Here’s the creator’s site with full explanations, videos and professionally worded sentences:

I think I first heard the term in one of Dodger’s Christmas Vlogs, and then bullet journal videos just started popping up in my feed after I looked it up.  I’ve been trying to keep track of various plans, goals, ideas and appointments in my pretty weekly planner, and I ran into a number of As you can see, there’s barely any room for activities on Saturdays, which is often my busiest day. Then the hourly thingy only goes from 07:00 till 19:00, which is annoying in many ways. There isn’t enough room to jot down thoughts, no room to write general monthly goals and plans, and the few pages at the back are designed to be used as a phone book, and there’s not enough space for notes there either. To combat all that, I wrote all the things that don’t fit in here in my personal journal, which is full of wishful thinking and baby stuff. Or I write things down in various apps on my phone. As a result I barely ever remember where anything is, all the pretty check lists get abandoned, and I sometimes forget important things I’ve previously written down on napkins and backs of receipts. The next logial step is to grab a suitable notebook and just start, right?

I previously took a solemn vow to not buy any more notebooks or sketchbooks till I finished all the ones I currently own. I have stuck to this vow for almost a year, and as a result, I couldn’t find anything big enough for my Bulleting needs. I also decided on a few must-have features for my new journal: a hard cover, dotted (was ready to settle for squares), with thick quality paper. I went to 6 different shops, and the only hard cover squared notebooks they had were hideously coloured crappy paper ones. No one had anything dotted. And I refused to settle for normal lined paper, because the way I want to set mine up requires quite a few vertical lines, which must be perfectly perpendicular, or it’ll bug the crap out of me. So yeah… My online order will arrive somewhere early next month, till then I’ll continue to watch more videos for ideas and inspiration, biting my elbows and making notes. Should also follow a few new boards on pinterest too.

How do you guys keep your stuff organized? Anyone tried this Bullet Journal thing yet? How do you get your kids to wear their pants?

To finish this off, today’s page: Untitled

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Bullet Journals

  • Thanks for the post! And sorry for the late reply… I made a picture of my desk the moment I read it (answering your question about how do I cope with organising stuff :D) but then… I realised that there is no way to attach it to the comment here… too bad… well, maybe I’ll send it on Skype.. with a huge delay, though… Well, in any case – it wouldn’t matter – you are going to be waiting for your sketchbook, so it will be on time for a while (evil hehe here))!

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  • Oh wow, this is a game changer. I liked the ones with the squares best as I’m used to using graph paper in some of my level design projects.

    I don’t think I’d go as far as a fountain pen but I’ve always enjoyed writing in cursive with gel pens in my journal. It just feels right.

    I had started a serious planner in a composition notebook last year and I dug through a pile of stuff to find iit thius morning… And it had three pages completed in it. Gave me a good chuckle. 🙂

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    • Haha, a whole three pages!
      For whatever reason, this system actually works for me, I’m going to write a post at the end of the month, summing up my experiences and impressions from using it for a month.
      I’d love to see some of this cursive fancy writing you talk about >.>


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