Comic, Animation Ideas and Crochet Bags: A Collective Saturday Post

I did my best to cover as many activities as I could today, while still being productive in most of them.

For starters I completed today’s comic page in stages, and while the ink or paint was drying I worked on the sketches for the R.O. Battle, while listening to inspiring videos on bullet journalling (which I am now itching to try).


I’ve been utilizing my very old hugeass blue notebook back from my student days. Here are the sketches for the past three days:
R.O.B January battle sketches
It’s much easier to plan the layout and wording ahead, instead of doing the initial sketch in my fancy paper notebook, messing it up, erasing numerous times, inking, erasing again, messing up the inking because I didn’t wait for it to dry… You get the drift. I still tend to hop onto the next stage too soon, resulting in nasty ink smears, but oh well… I can only hope that working on two things simultaniously might solve this issue.
It’s divided into sections, squared paper on one of them spiral spines and I feel no guilt abusing it whatsoever. I have notes from five or six different classes I took in my last year of studies spread across the poor thing, and there’s still plenty of space to sketch ideas, write down lullaby lyrics, spill my drinks and let Eli doodle about while she’s helping me work.

And over here is my R.O.Battle sketch:
R.O.B January battle sketches
This one won’t be too imaginative or funny, kind of straight on the subject, one shot kind of deal. I was hoping to actually start the storyboarding in Harmony today, but I decided I wanted to finish my crochet project first.

I had no idea what to give my mom for her birthday this year, as my sisters and I already got her everything from her wish list for New Year. So I figured I’ll make her a super handy Pocket Bag like the one I made myself early last year. I figured I’d call it a Pocket Bag because it’s the big comfortable pocket I wish I had on my clothing for my phone, keys and bus cards and whatnots. There are some objects that I always take when I leave the house, and I always need them in a very easy to reach spot. And my pockets just aren’t big and safe enough, on the very rare occasion that I even get a pocket at all!
Either way, here’s my current work in progress, with abstract goldfish (I didn’t intend for them to be this abstract, mind you, it’s just that freestyling a goldfish in crochet while Eli is trying to cocoon herself in the yarn got a little… errrr…complicated):

Abstract Goldfish Pocket Bag WIP 1

I’m a little frustrated I still havent finished it, and I’m not certain what possessed me to do the pretty long handle in two colours. The handle, combined with the super thin yarn and the two-colour spiral pattern, is taking me forever to do. The whole thing was supposed to be finished yesterday morning, when my mom was planning on coming to visit, but I suppose I’ve been saved but her dentist appointment that she forgot she had. So I probably have a few more days before she comes over, maybe even till the next weekend.
The bag is divided into three sections on the inside with some felt material (no idea what it’s called in English, sorry!):

Abstract Goldfish Pocket Bag WIP 2

And this is my original bag, with the spontaneous crooked cat doodle:
Blue Cat Pocket Bag

The long handle goes over one shoulder, and the bag hangs comfortably on my side, somewhere above my thigh. I wonder if that length will work for my mother. Maybe I should make it as long as mine, and leave the end open, so that I can make it longer or shorten it, depending on where she’d prefer it.

This is the back side, with the pretty button:

Blue Cat Pocket Bag

And the somewhat frayed insides. I can fit my phone, bus card, credit card (and a bit of cash), keys and earphones in this thing. And I’ve been using it pretty much every time I go outside. Even when I have a proper backpack on, I find it easier to also wear this one, as I normally have Eli in an Ergo Bag up front, which makes taking the backpack off or rotating it rather bothersome.
Blue Cat Pocket Bag insides

Bah, I also wanted to write some stuff on bullet journals, but I suppose that’s a topic for another day, as I must dash off for now.

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