Chubby Bits


Aaaand I didn’t wait long enough for the ink to dry, again. So much for using my time efficiently..
My crochet project is almost completed, fingers crossed I’ll actually finish it tomorrow and can post then! I ran into an unexpected design error today, which ate up a lot of time, but more on that in my next post (hopefully).

I have so many things planned for tomorrow that I’ll probably not do any of them.
I wanted to finish painting the nursery, but there’s work for at least 8 hours at my pace, and my arms will likely fall off before then. I should also start working on this month’s Rubber Onion Battle, which is themed “New Year’s Resolution”. I already have an idea, but I’ve not done any sketches yet. And I’m almost halfway through the month, and I’ve not even started working on half of my art related goals!

How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Are you in the habit of setting certain goals for the day/week/month/year?

Stephen and Rob actually covered the subject in their previous podcast:
(Here’s the link in case the enbedding gets messed up:

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