Offscreen Crochet

Every day I struggle to have more to post than the January daily comic page, and… Yeah, that one isn’t working out too well for me. I coloured the one from yesterday, did a full new one, and I’ve been crocheting like a mad crocheter? (I was going to say squirrel, but they aren’t widely known for their crocheting habits… who’s good at crocheting? Old ladies?) Can’t show the thing I’m crocheting just yet, hoping to have it finished by tomorrow, might need to crochet into the night!


After I finished this one I realized that the first panel doesn’t really work. She’s supposed to be a little behind the cat, on the floor, but with no floor in sight it just looks like an awkward rockstar jump.
I’ve promised Eli last night that we’ll make her a pretty bracelet and necklace last night, so today I pulled out my big old plastic beads from my massive bead box. Surprisingly, she was more interested in playing with them than wearing them. As I watched her like a very tired hawk (to make sure she doesn’t swallow anything), she carefully sorted them into little piles, and moved them from the box to a jar, then to another plastic lid. The biggest trouble with those is that they bounce and roll making it extra difficult to catch them when the slip and fall, so in the 20 or so minutes we played, we lost about a third of them. Hope Sunneh doesn’t eat any.. He has a thing for plastic.


I’m slowly getting better at drawing them ink lines, especially if you ignore panels two and four. As I was carefully making the lines, holding my breath and sticking my tongue out, it struck me that it’s somewhat similar to shooting a gun or a rifle, only without the tongue. Same principle of keeping very still, not breathing and only using very specific body parts to pull the trigger/move the pen, in a steady and relaxed way.

Babies and cats both provide endless entertainment and material for drawing. Getting to the point where no one was pulling anyone’s tail or scratching anyone was a little rocky, but I think we’re at a good place right now. It took lots of patience, strict voices, kitty treats and timely interruptions. I have a number of cat posts brewing, been gathering cat material for years!

Do any of you have experience with small children and pets? How do you keep yourself sane? How did the kid/pet training go?

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