Expectations VS Reality


And this is why I shouldn’t draw the day’s events before they happen.
Instead of a pleasant ride there, a timely surprise and a quick ride back the same day, I got stuck in the traffic for hours, arrived at my mom’s when they were mostly done with the celebration dinner (still surprised her with our unexpected visit though) and inconvenienced everyone by having to stay over, as the traffic got worse and it was almost Eli’s bedtime.


Behold my purple pyjama bottoms! So fluffy and warm! And they go ever so well with my red bathrobe.. I did get lazy with the colour on this one, mostly because I was in a hurry to finish on time, and had to wait for paint to dry in order to colour the next page, since the hair dryer is in a good safe place somewhere I have no idea where, but out of reach of children and cats.

2 thoughts on “Expectations VS Reality

    • It wasn’t bad 🙂 I learned a lesson, which I kind of knew already but forgot a little, I suppose.. something about having plans 🙂 on an unrelated note, counted the pages in the notebook I’m drawing those in, and I only have room for 20 more, meaning the very last one will have to be done somewhere else! Which bothers me more than it should O.o

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