Productivity Hype!

Today was madness, MADNESS I tell you!
Both my husband and I were so productive and got so much done that my head is still spinning. And we managed to squeeze in a visit from the inlaws, and Eli got to freak out about some random baby (her younger cousin, in fact) touching her toys and petting her cats. I mean, I made cake! And more Borscht! And I can start painting the nursery tomorrow! And things!!!!

I’ve kind of forgotten what a high I get when I manage to cross everything and a bit off my to do list.

A somewhat hurried page today, as I won’t have heating in my new “office” (YES! A proper work room all to myself! With SHELVES! And a HUGE CORK BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!) for a while, and my fingers are turning a funky shade of blue as it’s getting harder to type. Still as excited as two dozen puppies though!


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