Balloons and Yarn and Feathers and Questions

So here’s yesterday’s page, all coloured in and stuff. I tried using my crappy watercolours this time, and I think I prefer it to using the pencils.


I wasn’t expecting that much trouble while crocheting, to tell you the truth. I used to have to lock and hide the yarn because Dish (the white and brown cat) would go after it as if it burned down her village or something! She’d rip and tear at it till I came running and separated her from whatever it was I was working on. Sunneh was always more interested in the bag I hid the yarn in anyways.  Now Eli manages to both tangle all the yarn and lose the smaller bits in the depths of the sofa.
Aaaaaand I forgot to draw Sunneh’s whiskers >.<


I’ve been posting these “strips” on Instagram, and I’ll probably keep posting them there daily. Not sure how to best format those here though. What do you guys think? Should I post them as a separate thing daily, add them on to whatever it is I’m working on that day or maybe just do a weekly collection post on a Saturday or something?

7 thoughts on “Balloons and Yarn and Feathers and Questions

  • Love it, love it, love it! Both!!! The”I am watching you” balloon is both menacing and dominant, hehe )) And the little Eli with the yarn, – sweet! flying )) and you poke-poking the proud lizard )) *btw, when I look at it again, the faraway rear leg of it is somewhat… which doesn’t make it less self-content though ))
    No, please keep posting here… Until I got used to Weebly… If you post on Instagram – I’ll have to get used to Instagram! That’s too much for poor me…

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    • Oh dear, that’s not me poking the lizard! I suppose it’s not a very good shot, hard to tell with them identical looking faces.. Thanks for the headsup! Another thing for me to work on. I’m not going to torture you with more social network things, not to worry 😀 Was just wondering about a better format in this blog.


    • Thank you! That face took a lot of squinting and sketching to get right, I’m glad you like it 😀
      She’ll be old enough to learn how to roll yarn into proper balls soon…. Soooooon!!!! *manical laughter and something about child labour*

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    • Thanks for the input, I’ll probably try to do it that way in the end, I’m going to try and keep it up through January at least, then I might go down to a weekly page, I’m a bit worried I’ll burn out too fast.

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