Birthday Madness

Boy are birthdays hard work!
And they’ll only get harder from here, or at least so numerous mummy blogs and communities tell me.

I’m absolutely exhausted. Knackered! Worn out, drained… Zonked even! Or so the thesaurus tells me.
My day started at 6 AM, blowing up a bazillion balloons, because my precious baby loves balloons. As do my cats. I’m pretty sure my neighbours enjoyed them greatly as well, especially when they exploded. Our big plan was to go to one of those places with a jumping castle, loads of toys and things to climb. My husband did most of the heavy lifting as I sat in a corner sketching the people around us that didn’t run around like mad chickens after their offspring. I didn’t catch too many people being still and relaxed, as you can see:

Live sketching

I did fill three other pages with comic sketches, but I’ll post them with the diary comic pages once those are finished, if at all. A proper comic page about today’s activities will be posted in the near future. Hope you all had a wonderful day, I know I did. And like I already mentioned, I’m ready to drop.
Good night! *falls in bed*

2 thoughts on “Birthday Madness

  • happy birthday to your wee lad !

    We are kinda dreading the twins getting into school (they are 4 now) as I cant see how a combined birthday isnt going to escalate into mayhem – it might end up later on as they are girl/boy that we split them out – now to work out whos birthday is first and watch that argument erupt 😀

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