More Inky Woes

I’m in the middle of moving my working space to a different room, so I’m losing and misplacing a lot of my art supplies. I figure I’ll find all sorts of interesting things behind the desk once that’s taken apart, so I’ll wait till I’m all settled down before I start panicking about my missing watercolours.

Fairy comic 3

Today I decided to be even smarter than I was yesterday! Scary thought, that. For starters, I did the initial sketches in a whole other place, where I worked out what goes where. Then I sketched it all out in a light brown over in my “fancier paper” sketchbook.


Thought I’d try inking with my Inktober tools: my half-broken bottle of WInsor & Newton black ink and my very chewed up feather pen (thanks, Sunneh). That is, after I inked with the crappy ballpoint pen I did the very first sketch with. Oh hindsight… Looking at the two together now I like the very first pose and face better. But then I always prefer the messy sketches.


And it’s Eli’s birthday tomorrow, she’ll be turning two. We’ve a big busy day planned for her. I wonder if I’ll get any sketching done.

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