Diary panels

What better time to start doing something than now?
I’ve tried drawing comics before, and so far this year I’ve drawn a comic diary kind of page for every day! That’s a total of 2 pages, so it’s clearly very serious.

comic diary 1
I drew the first one early in the morning while Eli was sleeping off our midnight celebration (Happy New Year by the way!!!). I started with a pencil sketch, then inked with a blank pilot pen, then added colour with my watersoluble pencils. As I added water, the pen ran and bled all over the place, which admitedly, isn’t the worst thing about the drawing. My bigger problem at the moment is the inconsistency of the characters, which is even less excusable for someone who claims to be into animation. I also need to make proper room for text during the sketch phase, as opposed to just shoving it in as an afterthought.

Comic diary 2

For my second page, I took all the mistakes from the first one, made them worse, and then added some new ones, to keep things interesting. As you can see, the characters look even more different, the text is almost impossible to read, and to add to this winning combination of skill and good planning, my inking pen died halfway through, messing up the outline thickness of the second panel. This time around I added colour and water before inking to avoid bleeding outlines, and I even tried varying the line thickness (not enough though!), and I’m even more unhappy with the result.

So there we have it.  I would like to make more of these, and at some point they will get a little better if I keep at it. They are very roughly based on the previous day, so it’s a bit like a diary in comic form. Would be nice to come up with a title for it, still thinking about that one. Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Diary panels

  • Keep going! I love the idea! About the title – I don’t know… I am not good at naming.. “A panel a day drives … away ” oh, I don’t know… Must be something about cats and babies… Ahh, I am not good at it!

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  • I love the look of your comic diary; I especially like the bubbled-over edges of the panels. I hope you will continue. I have always loved Rotring Tikky Graphic fineliner pens, which are waterproof, so you can paint away over them to your heart’s content and they won’t run. Your cartoon cat is a real character!

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    • Thanks! Going to check if they sell those pens over here. I thought I solved the problem today by using the Winsor & Newton Ink, but that means I have to wait quite a bit till it dries up >.< The cat is basically my cat Sunneh, only he doesn't have as many cat-toys, fortunately 😀

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