Artist Sunday 5: Sycra Yasin

Sycra Yasin is one of the first art-tutorial focused ones that I came across. Here are some of the links to his stuff online:
Sycra’s YouTube Channel

Like many of my favourite artists, Sycra studied animation, which doesn’t really have much to do with what he does now, but a neat tidbit about his biography nevertheless. He has posted loads of very helpful tutorials, and I’ve found so many other awesome artists through his channel, whether in his interviews, or just the names he and his friends drop every now and then during his streams.
Before getting into watching art-streams live on Twitch, I used to draw along with Sycra’s streams on YouTube. I love his approach to studying and explaining things, something in the way he presents himself really resonates with me.


Here are some samples of his work I grabbed off his Deviantart page, I wanted to showcase his crazy shapes uses.

And here’s a page of my sketchbook: a few scribbles I threw down while watching his Foreshortening with the Coil Technique video today. I’ve been meaning to try that in the hopes of foreshortening better for a while now, and unfortunately I had to cut my drawing session short when Eli woke up and demanded attention, so no attempts to try and copy his crazy pointy chin style. I highly recommend watching his art tutorials even if you’re not a big fan of his art style, as he covers so many different subjects, and explains stuff in a very comprehensive manner.

Coil technique


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