Summing Up 2016

I’ve already written my annual “summing up” post in my personal journal, and thought I should put my personal art related conclusions here as well.

I think the two most important art-related things that happened to me this year are starting this blog and discovering the Rubber Onion Podcast.
I’ve been drawing a lot more than I have the previous year, and have gotten more relaxed about showing my work online. I came across numerous people whose art inspires me, and I even got to know some of them a little closer.
Through the Rubber Onion Podcast I met even more lovely animators and animation enthusiasts, started animating again myself, and got into the habit of listening to other animation podcasts as well.
Through a combination of both the blog and the podcast I stumbled upon various art and animation streamers, which are both entertaining and highly educational, and make for great company while drawing or animating the next Rubber Onion Battle. Sadly, I didn’t manage to do this month’s battle, even though I got another person involved and slightly invested in it. I learned a valuable lesson in time-management, and hope to do better next month 🙂

I’m keeping myself a lot more organized with my little turquoise planner, and I’ve worked out a goals system that seems to work for me so far. I’ve accomplished 2.5 points out of the 3 I set for myself for this month, and I’m pretty chuffed about that.

There are 9 goals set for January, and to up the stakes, here are the art related ones:

  1. Participate in the January Rubber Onion Battle, no matter how difficult the theme might be.
  2. Continue work on Boonka: build the cart with its contents, do the backgrounds (possibly in watercolour?), fix the current animatic (according to A’s notes) 
  3. Post daily in this blog. Now that I’ve had a little holiday break I shouldn’t slack as much with my daily drawing exercises!
  4. Have at least 1 properly finished piece that I could include in my portfolio

To illustrate today’s post I attempted another self-portrait. Here’s to hoping I get better at doing this in the following 86 “sketchy selfies”.

Sketchy selfie #14

Happy New Year! 

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