Bad Gift WIP: concept

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Bad gift: concept sketches

Last month I got a message from another guy from the WoW guild I was in (before I cancelled my sub) saying he’d like to give voice acting a go as well. We had a short chat, and he sounded cool enough. He has one of those hard-for-me-to-pin-point English accents, so even if he uses his normal talking voice, that’d be a pleasant addition to what I’m able to squeeze out of myself. I told him I’d let him know once I know what the subject for December is, so as soon as the “Bad Gift” theme was announced we scheduled another Discord meet and went through the ideas we had for it. I thought it’d be a new and educational experience for me to try and work with another person. 
Out of the three ideas I had he liked my favourite idea best, while I wasn’t too keen on his. As soon as we agreed we’re doing the cat and the guy one, he immediately ran with it, giving them names, experimenting with accents and delivering some good lines. I’m both hopeful and curious as to how this project will go.

I first jotted down some sketches in Eilat, slightly playing with the cat’s shape. Today I did more sketches, remembering that December is two-thirds over and working myself into a bit of a panic thinking of all the other big things I need to squeeze into the next 11 days. It will not be pretty at all.




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