Sketching at the Zoo

I was reluctant to go out with Eli today because the weather was too cold and wet. I’m also not a fan of getting the stroller and the baby all the way down from our third floor and on/off buses by myself. Eli was awesome and waited patiently while I huffed and puffed and bumped the stroller down a flight of stairs before coming back for her (+ rinse and repeat), chirping away happily. She was also a good sport the whole two hours it took us to get to the zoo by public transport.
It didn’t rain once while we were out, which made me particularly relieved since I couldn’t for the life of me find the rain cover for the stroller. Eli ran around squeaking and miawing and woofing and pointing, and seemed to have a great time. She found a pile of leaves to jump about in, and seemeed more excited about that than about anything else. She loved the different water-related exhibits, and only seemed a little scared when the parrots in the Lori Aviary started flying over her head.
Unfortunately, she fell asleep right before we got to the elephants. I really wanted her to see them because her favourite song is about elephants, hopefully she can stay awake longer next time.

Here are a few of the photos I snapped:


This one is seconds before they all took off and flew right over us, scaring Eli:


And the must-have yawn:


I didn’t have long to sketch while she napped, because we had to get back. I thought I’d be smart this time and do my sketches in pen, and then colour them with my portable aqua-fine paints. I only got to the paint bit at home, and I cheated a bit by looking at the reference photos I took earlier.

Zoo sketches December 2016

Definitely will do more live-sketching with colour. I’ll try my water-colour pencils here next.

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