Catch up Monday

I had an interesting weekend at my mom’s. I didn’t really get to sleep in, or rest, but I did meet up with some friends, and Eli got to play with two girls her age. Having observed her interraction with other kids other than on the playground, I think I’m finally ready to let her go to a kindergarten (or whatever it’s called in English) earlier than we first planned.

Here’s a disturbing sketch of my friend’s wife and their new baby that looks nothing like them. I made the mistake of doing the pencil sketch with my Inktense red pencil, which happily ran all over the place when I tried to add paint today. And I found that my watercolours were really full of cat hair, which is weird because they were sealed well (or so I thought). I might still try to save it by drawing on top of this mess with more pencils, considering I can’t possibly make it worse…

Following Nicola Schofield‘s blog and getting inspired by her recent crocheted hats, I remembered that I wanted to make some decorations for our xmas tree. I decided to crochet around some styrofoam balls I have lying around, and I figured I should paint them gold and shiny, and use the shiniest red thread I can get my grubby paws on, and make it shiny. Did I mention I wanted it shiny? Because shiny.
The shop I went to at the last minute only had green shiny thread, so I settled for that for the first ball. The second one better be red though!
Here you can see the balls in various states of layers and the fruit wine bottle that made keeping the paint off my fingers a little bit more challenging:


And this is the end result on our tree:


Think I’ll be drawing with watercolours a lot more now. I’ve wanted to do outside sketching with paints for years, might as well start learning now, because apparently, leaving the paints alone until I magically get better doesn’t seem to work.

What about you guys? What’s the thing you wanted to do for a while, but never got around to it?

2 thoughts on “Catch up Monday

  • So what if your friend doesn’t look like herself – I haven’t seen her, I see only the picture, and the picture is good! Somehow very placid and balanced, and the red pencil – don’t worry, it only add to the overall impression )))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, I hope she doesn’t remember to ask to see it next time we meet!
      Remember the red-and-blue animation pencils? The sketches done with them seemed to come out looking special somehow, might get my grubby paws on one or two again.


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