Artist Sunday 4: J.A.W. Cooper

Today I wanted to share the surreal works of J.A.W. Cooper.

Here’s her main site:
And here’s her Instagram: where she posts a lot of her WIPs and random cafe sketches, among many many other wonderful things.

Her main theme seems to be beautiful naked girls and wild animals, often in somewhat disturbing compositions. I’m mesmerized by her lines, everything she draws has a distinct and recognizable flow to it, be it a cicada or a fluffy bear. Her art looks a lot like her, the same slenderness and elegance (at least on the photos of herself she posts online). I suppose that my favourite thing about her drawings is how they are both gorgeous and creepy at the same time. And I just love all of her animal sketches.


Here’s my very short study of a few of her things. I totally failed at the line fluidity I attempted to copy, showing that I lack both the skill and the understanding of anatomy to be able to play with it the way she does.
Where she depicts a graceful sphynx cat, I draw an alien donkey-dog 😀

JAW Cooper style study

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