Borscht and a “Quivering Man-Monster”

So Procrastinator’s Day Off wrote a very cool comment on the Gesture Sketches post:
“I feel a dolphin cartoon brewing…🙂
I suppose the urge to commit something to paper can be triggered by anything from a curious juxtaposition of shapes to the way the light hits a particular subject. I remember being compelled to sketch a weirdly-shaped cobweb once which looked like a quivering man-monster. I just couldn’t stop looking at it.” 

I sat staring at the cobweb description for a while, and then doodled something messy with a pen on the pharmacy receipt that resides on my desk for some reason. It’s way too poopy looking to post, so instead here’s a slightly less poopy digital doodle I did as warm up today. I’m still very curious what their original sketch looked like though!


That converasion got me thinking about drawing comics again. I’ve attempted it numerous times in the past, but I was never happy enough with the results to ever post anything anywhere.
I have many tales of this infamous soup. One is the legend of how my mom learned to make it, at a pretty tender age. Another is how I tried to cook some borscht for a friend in London. Then there was the time I struggled to squeeze some soup out of a plastic water bottle… I might draw these some day as well. For now, behold our disguisting borscht-eating habits:

My favourite way to eat borscht

I spent a very long time meticulously colouring everything with the six markers I found, but then looking at all the very bright colours made my eyes hurt, so using the magic of instagram filters I changed it to this. I also wanted to follow this up with an animated loop frame of my mom and me sitting on the couch, belching garlic-breath-clouds at the cats, causing them to faint, but then I ran out of baby-free time. Adding it to my list of things to do though 😀

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