Artist Sunday 3: Lois Van Baarle

Lois Van Baarle, aka Loish, is a Dutch artist currently residing in Ultrecht (the Netherlands). Here are a few of the many places you can find her:

It’s hard to ogle various art online and to not come across stuff by Loish. I admired paintings by her way before I knew who she actually was, and I think it was this interview with Sycra that finally sent me off to deliberately look at all her stuff. I liked her so much more once I learned she’s an animator as well. (With me being the biased nerd that I am, learning that a person is an animator immediately elevates them a few ranks in my mind.)

Art by Lois Van Baarle

The compilation above is just a tiny portion of her stuff. My favourite things by her are mostly found under ARTWORK – ROUGH on her site. In Sycra’s interview she mentions that after having to draw all sorts of “serious” things for other people at work, she’d unwind and do very girly things for herself, which is the majority of her work we see online.

Below is my attempt to understand how she paints (and draws cute girls). Loish posts lots of tutorials online, and I probably absorbed some of that when I looked at them, but for this exercise, I stubbornly tried to reinvent the bicycle while gaping at one and simultaneously attempting to ride it. The conclusion I arrived at is that I need to sit my lazy butt down and do some organized learning. Which really isn’t anything new. I keep telling myself to learn the basics, anatomy, painting… but then I scamper off to do a thousand other things instead, all the while complaining I don’t have enough time to do anything. Ah well, maybe if I do enough copies and studies for the Artist Sunday posts I’ll eventually learn something.

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