Gesture Sketches

Did a few gesture sketches, digital this time. I went for the more dynamic poses, upside downs and foreshortenings. Pinterest is my bestest friend today.

Man I wish I could have the super comfortable tools that come with digital drawing combined with being able to slouch on the sofa while Eli is taking the Xmas decorations off the tree (yep, we put the tree up on December 1st! Eli LOVES it) and stuffs them in my pockets. And yes I’ve heard about various drawing tablets, procreate and similar things, but I decided that if I’m going to spend that much money on digital drawing equipment I should save more and just get a Cintiq, or whichever equivalent is available in that very far away future. Which, in turn, will still bring me back to the problem of not being able to magically enlarge my pen canvas on the sofa.

7 thoughts on “Gesture Sketches

    • Hehe, you made me look 🙂 I mean, think. I suppose for humans it is at the top of the lists, but say… dolphins might feel differently.
      On a slightly more serious note, I wonder how landscape artists feel. Or anyone that prefers drawing anything but humans.

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      • I feel a dolphin cartoon brewing… 🙂
        I suppose the urge to commit something to paper can be triggered by anything from a curious juxtaposition of shapes to the way the light hits a particular subject. I remember being compelled to sketch a weirdly-shaped cobweb once which looked like a quivering man-monster. I just couldn’t stop looking at it.

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      • Your cobweb-descriptions are contagious, I might’ve tried doodling some quivering man-monsters after I read your comment 🙂 I envy your ability to come up with ideas and draw cartoons consistently! I’ve tried making comics (yet agaain) after watching Penny Arcade’s Strip search, using their “draw random words from a hat” technique, and the results were quite pathetic.

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  • I’m sure you’re being overly self-critical. I often get my ideas from my partner who inadvertently says absurd things to me on a regular basis and carries on the conversation, blithely unaware that I am silently shaking and noting it down hurriedly before I forget. I envy YOUR ability to keep sketching every day in such a disciplined way! I recently had a couple of weeks without cartooning and when I started up again I found I had forgotten how to draw! :0 PS: quivering man-monster sketches, please…

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