Gilmore Girls Sketch and Rant

I feel a little guilty about yesterday’s post. I wasn’t feeling too well, and my head wasn’t in the best of places, but that wasn’t a good excuse to publish a sketch as lazy and cringy as that.
More and more fires are starting (and are being started) all over the country, people are fleeing their homes, the static electricity will stick your hair to pretty much anything, and the dryness over here will make the inside of your nose crack up and bleed. Sparks fly (and light up the room) every time I try to cover Eli at night after she kicks her blanket off.
Going online and reading the news puts me in a broody mood. I should delete my Facebook account again, because it’s plain depressing.
Giving in to the Gilmore Girls craze that seems to be sweeping the interwebs everywhere I look, I binge-watched the first 7 seasons, right before the revival season popped up. That was my second or third attempt at watching that show, because the first (or second) time I couldn’t get past my annoyance with the way everybody in the show talked. I could kind of get behind the two main characters talking very very fast with lots of pop culture references and tangents, but seeing every single person in that town of theirs talk the same way irritated me to the point where it was unwatchable. For whatever reason, that no longer made the show unwatchable for me this time around, plus the novelty of a series where no one got brutally murdered was rather nice and refreshing.

There are still a few things that bother me in Gilmore Girls. The top two on the list being Lorelai’s (Lauren Graham’s) nostrils. They hypnotized me to the point where I had to rewind and rewatch the scene I just saw. And the older the actress gets, the more mesmerizing the nostrils become. And yes, I was watching the last of the four new episodes yesterday while doodling mindlessly.
Then there’s the typical girly dream setup, where every handsome male falls madly in love with the Gilmore Girl of his age group, and never ever gets over it. The few older men that don’t fall head over heels over the older GG are either comic reliefs or gay, and the very few boys that don’t want to marry Rory are either really dim-witted and childish band-members (that fall in love with Rory’s bff) or Korean (that fall in love with Rory’s bff). I suppose that in this particular world setup it only makes sense the GGs are so self-centered they have great difficulty seeing anything past their own noses, and believe their abundant selfishness is cute and quirky.
Who am I to talk though, I still ate it all up, watched it like a good couch potato and was pretty happy with the satisfying ending. There were good moments, interesting camera work, emotional scenes and a very cute dog.

I might colour the sketch one day.

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