Artist Sunday 2: Paul Kidby

I thought long and hard about last week’s post, and came to the unfortunate conclusion that the “A.S.S.” title just wasn’t as witty as I first thought it was. Plus as I was trying to decide on this week’s artist of choice, I realized that while posting other people’s art will make this blog very pleasing to the eye, it won’t do me any good. There are loads of copy/paste art blogs out there already, and I wanted to do something a little different. So, in addition to showcasing other people’s hard work, I’m going to try and learn something as well.
Today’s pick is Paul Kidby:

I think I own all of the big fancy Discworld books illustrated by him. In fact, “The Art of Discworld” practically lives on my desk, partially because I keep forgetting to put it away, but mostly because I look at it a lot. I think it’s in that book that they quote Terry Pratchett saying that Kidby drew all the characters exactly the way he imagined them in his head. That really stuck with me for some reason.
He’s one of those “I wish I could draw like that when I grow up” artists for me. As I googled his name I got a big scare when “Paul Kidby death” popped up in the search suggestions, because I was slow to figure out it was Death (the best Discworld character) and not more bad news.
I was bad today, and didn’t prepare things in advance… so here’s a crappy collage I put together with some phone photos from Terry Pratchett’s “The Art of Discworld” by Paul Kidby.

Paul Kidby: The Art of Discworld

Here’s the hasty sketch I did in between Skype calls and having the hungry baby handed to me. I really like Nanny Ogg’s grin in this one (and she’s my second favourite character) and I generally find smiles very hard to draw without them looking fake. I didn’t manage to copy the expression, but I did enjoy drawing all the wrinkles and lines. I definitely need to prepare better for next Sunday…

Nanny Ogg study

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