Soup and Generic Character Design and Soup

More sketches I did while Eli had her nap today. Playing around with an idea I’ve had for a while, still not happy with the design.
Character sketches

I made soup yesterday. Once the soup was ready, I gave it a long look and made pasta with mushroom sauce for lunch. Today I tried feeding some of the soup to the baby, who acted like she wasn’t hungry, even though she should’ve been. I’ve left the soup with my husband and daughter with instructions on how to feed it to her, and I think I can hear him cooking something else now.
I am determined to eat nothing but salad and this soup tomorrow, all day. There might not be any posts here ever again if the soup gets me first.
Why am I doing this? I put a lot of work and vegetable preparation into this soup. I am not throwing out a perfectly good pot of soup after I let it stew in the fridge for a week again. It has been only a day and a half, and I am hopeful.

4 thoughts on “Soup and Generic Character Design and Soup

  • I like the first standing one on the right! Somehow this lady is familiar… or… am I mistaken?

    And – oh, this feeling that someone behind the wall is doing something not according to how I said it should be done!!! 😀 However, we must admit that salad and soup – it is an extremely healthy diet, so, accept your fate with compliance and gratitude, lower your head in the face of destiny, and… eat the soup… 😛

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    • I doubt that you could be wrong in such matters, but then… who knows?
      I am so full of soup I’ll have it coming out of my ears if I’m not careful. And both baby and husband refuse to help, those monsters. How are things on your end?


  • Seems like… seems like… I am going to have a real weekend this Friday and Saturday! Unbelievable… It’s like… the “to do list” is all stricken through (is this how one says it?), the videos done, edited and posted, even a temp. site done, lessons taught… wow… the book is calling for me! (the one I’ll send you after I finish!)
    Unless I’ll have some new crazy idea to keep me busy… I am good at it… 😛

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    • Sooo… what does a “real weekend” consist of then? (Other than reading a book for two days, which still sounds awesome, by the way) Might there be room… say…. for a skype call maybe?


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