Baby Posting Thoughts

I did a bit of sketching while Eli had her afternoon nap. She looked super cute wearing the hat I made her and clutching the lemur (her current favourite toy) so I tried to capture that. My favourite is the small top left one, I think it captures her likeness the best, and the bottom one is okay as well I suppose, but the two in the middle are rather dreadful. I need to practice drawing baby profiles a lot more, I didn’t expect them to be this hard.
Sleeping baby sketches
At first I took a photo of the sketchbook with Eli sleeping in the background, as proof that my child isn’t horribly deformed, contrary to what my sketches show. But then I remembered that I already posted a photo of her face on twitter this year, and thus exhausted my “once or twice a year” policy I just made up for myself. I do occasionally post photos of her, but they’re all from the back. It is difficult not to post my baby all over the interwebs sometimes, as some photos come out looking rather great and the urge to share them with the world rises, but she might not appreciate that when she grows up. I mean, she’ll still have to option of posting a bazillion baby pictures of herself online if she so chooses, but it should be her call. And whenever my “must post baby photos” senses tingle I just post picture of my cats instead. If the cats don’t like it, they can just shove those complaints into that black cushioned chest-chair thing that they ruined by clawing at it while I’m not looking, along with all the other pieces of furniture that’ll never look presentable again.

What about you guys? Do you share images of your kids and family online? Any rules of thumb you follow?

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