Artist Spotlight Sunday 1: Denis Zilber

I wanted to try something different for today.
Artist Spotlight Sunday, or ASS for short, clearly.. since that is what I’m likely to make of myself doing this.
I thought it’d be cool to share some of the artists I admire and follow/stalk online. In no particular order, as I wouldn’t know how to organize it. I’ll probably also add a new page to this here blog, with all sorts of links to podcasts, art resources, streamers and arty people, so that it’s stacked up nice and neat someplace with easy access.

So without further ado, I’d like to start with Denis Zilber (
I first stumbled onto his blog on Livejournal, many many years ago. I think I was still in the army, or maybe even finishing school. I was mostly captivated by his drawings, of course, but he also wrote quite a bit about everyday life stuff in a very entertaining way. It took me a while to realize that we were born in the same city, and he went to the same school where my mother used to teach. I actually talked to Denis on ICQ (yes, it was THAT long ago) at some point after that, and it turned out that he was not, in fact, one of my mother’s students, because during the time he was supposed to take her class she was on maternity leave with baby me (or she started teaching there a year later, I don’t remember the exact dates any more). I think the reason I contacted him in the first place was to ask him some stuff about the art school he went to here in Israel, because I badly wanted to get in, and it seemed as magical and unreachable as Hogwarts to me at the time. He was very friendly and helpful, and gave me some pretty useful advice, which made applying to that place a lot less scary (I ended up getting in after I finished my army service).

Denis Zilber: Baba Yaga

I’m not going to write about how I admire his choice of colours, his style and the quirky expressive characters he creates because I’d have to write the same stuff about most artists I’d post about here, if I continue this. I mean, his work speaks for itself.

Denis Zilber: Pink Balloons Hunt

And since I’m going to run out of personal anecdotes incredibly fast, I’ll have to figure out what else to post in these ambitious ASS posts, other than a link to a gallery site. Either way, please let me know if this kind of stuff is interesting to any of you guys. I am writing this mostly for myself, but it’s still super nice knowing that someone else might be reading it.

Denis Zilber: Vampire

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