Heads and Hebrew

Stumbled across a very good video tutorial on drawing the head.

I’m not done with the video yet, I’ve already found myself going back to rewatch some bits, to cement his tips in my head for good. It’s pretty fascinating how many different ways and techniques and guides there are, all for drawing the same old noggin. I was incredibly tempted to immediately break the proportions and play around, thus distracting myself from the thing that was distracting me from the original thing I was working on.

Head study
Seeing that I only have about an hour and a half of baby-free time left, I stopped there in order to make this post, because there’s another cool thing I wanted to mention today.
A little while ago I helped a good friend of mine with a project she’s working on. Alisa and I go waaaaay back to the good old days in Bezalel Academy, and she’s been helping me greatly in my current art-related endeavours, so I was very excited when she told me she’s visiting and needs a camera-holder for harassing interviewing some innocent passers-by on the streets of Israel.
My previous experience in pointing a camera at people is almost non-existent, and I learned a great deal while assisting Alisa. I think I got a little better, and it could be just my imagination, but I see slight improvement in camera-work throughout the interviews. Either way, hanging out together and getting people to chat with us was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to her next visit.

3 thoughts on “Heads and Hebrew

  • Happy to be a good friend of such a good friend! 😀 And not just a good friend, such a good cameraman friend, too! Lucky me. 😉
    Actually, reading it made me feel a bit better for dragging you in this awful August heat annoying people what question about what annoys them! XD

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    • It wasn’t all that awful, especially if one sat in a water fountain! My favorite bits were the extras: like when Ori was asking me stuff and I had to be careful shaking my head without shaking the camera, or the market guy volunteering his coworker, or the lady who wanted to stay off camera but still wanted to participate.. thinking about sitting here in my winter robe and warm fuzzy socks, even the weather seems nice 😀


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