Sketchy Selfies #11 and #12

The inside of my eyes feel like sandpaper, and whenever I sneeze I give my throat lining a good scratch. Good thing I always sneeze at least 3 times! So with my puffy nose and watery eyes I thought I looked perfect for a self portrait today.
I didn’t feel that my first attempt quite portrayed my emotions, so… gracefully wiping my nose on my left sleeve I scribbled down another self-portrait, one that I think captures my likeness both on the inside and the outside much better.

Sketchy selfie #11

Sketchy selfie #12

I came across a pretty cool art-blog recently, the artist there is participating in a 15 Day Self Portrait Challenge, and he’s so much better at sketching his own face and drawing in general that I’m a tad envious. Check him out here:

I do hope I’ll improve at the end of my own sketchy challenge, I only have 88 more self-portraits to go though..

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