Devil Flower is a Thing

These are going to be an interesting few days.
I’m still trying to adjust to my husband’s new work schedule, where he’s working set hours every day and coming home late in the evening, as opposed to him working shifts for the past 8 years or so.
Eli is growing more independent every day, wanting to try and do things all by herself. She’s falling asleep much better lately, and once I manage to stay up long enough to get more work done I’ll finally feel like I’m being a productive adult.

Today I learned that “Devil Flower” is an actual flower. A pretty badass flower too. I’m spending all my free time watching ToonBoom tutorials, poking at the program gingerly and working on the book in Photoshop, so I probably won’t have anything to show here for a while, except quick warm-up sketches and thumbnails. I’ve had more ideas as to what my November Rubber Onion Battle should be about, but I think I’m still sticking to this one. I’ve got the sound down, I know what I want it to look like, now the tiny part left is getting it all drawn up and animated.

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