Make A Funny Holiday Day

I spent most of this morning thinking up silly holidays. My first (the fat lady singing) idea was “Wake Your Neighbour Early” Day, and it was a bit of a marchy soviet tune. I tried playing it on the guitar, failed miserably, turned it into a soulful ballad, and gave it up altogether. To my surprise, making up a stupid holiday proved harder than I first anticipated, because I wanted to stay away from politics, poop jokes and dirty insinuations. Therefore, using Bad Turkey Day, Wear A Diaper On Your Head Day, and Sticky Floors Day were out of the question. I toyed around with the idea of Bring Your Goat To Work Day for a little, but then my mind hit the gutter again. Ah well. Drawing goats is kind of fun though…

Anyway, here are some concept scribbles for my current idea. I came up with it accidentally, as I was playing around in Soundtrap, where I’m attempting to put some kind of music thing together for this exercise. It’s embarrassingly wonky, so it might change to something very different as I keep working on it. Or I’ll just leave it as is, get the exercise over with, and get back to work, like I really should.

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