Messy Concept Sketches

I couldn’t sleep at night today, because there was a fat lady dancing and singing in my head. She pranced around the stage, crashed through walls, galloped with a herd of cows and hammered nails into my poor, tired brain. She wanted to be animated. With all her backup singers and dancers in the background too, of course.

Yup, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing for the animation battle this month, and today I just wanted to sketch this monster out of my system. She still doesn’t look or move right, and my very limited voice capabilities just don’t fit with what I have exploding in my mind.
I’ve written down the lyrics, and tried putting a simple tune to it, but Eli is terrified of the guitar, and starts crying the moment she sees it, so I’ll likely have to wait till the weekend to do that bit. I’m thinking that once I have the sound down, making the characters fit visually might be a little easier. I’m still very doubtful this is the idea I’ll eventually go with, but it’s violently pushing everything else out at the moment.

Concept sketches I would like a character with simpler, clearer lines, there’s way too much information here currently. Think switching to a black marker might help, best remember that tomorrow.Concept sketches

I watched Song of the Sea today. It was pure eye-gasm all the way. Highly recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it yet. Eli seemed to like it too, she clearly favourited the dog and got pretty excited with the music as well. Adding it to the list of topics I’d like to write more on and study further.


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