Animation Talk: Rubber Onion Battles and Boonka

rejected monsters screengrab 2

So Stephen Brooks launched his new site a little while ago, and there’s stuff happening! Especially on the forums!

You can see all the entries and vote here: . I think it’s my favourite battle so far, where everyone really stepped up their game… But then I suspect I think that about every battle I participate in.

November’s Battle Theme has been announced, and it’s Unmade Holiday Specials, I believe. I was a little confused about what that actually means, but Stephen and Rob explained it pretty well, and now I have the weirdest idea bobbing about in my head. I made some initial ideas sketches, picture proof below:
Unmade Holiday Special Ideas
I will be creating my entry in Harmony 14, all thanks to a wonderful Moose who made it possible for me. (I still can’t believe that actually happened) That means learning it from scratch, as I’ve never actually animated in anything Toon Boom before. (Note to self: take lots of WIP photos and screenshots, to flood the WIP forum thread with later)

I’ve finally finished the rough animatic for Boonka, and I’ve sent it to the musician I’ll be working with, so that he can start his dark magics there. Both very excited and nervous about involving another person in this project!
My next step with that one is to run it by a few more people, to make sure it reads well, the shots and transitions make sense, and so on, as I’m no longer able to see and judge it myself at this point. I don’t know if I’ll be posting all of that here, I don’t really want to give the entire story away just yet, but I will be posting stills and WIPs and stuff. And I still need to create the cart model too! The Boonka doll is soooooo super helpful while drawing her from various angles, I’m really happy I went through and finished her!

Other than that, back to drawing the book! It’s been on a bit of a pause this past couple of months, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it finished soon.

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