The END is NEAR!!!! (And a few copies.)

I’m going full ham on the Boonka animatic, and I can see the end! The storyboard is taped to the wall behind my computer screens, and I’m now on the second-to-last page. Five more shots to go! I want to finish today, and by today I mean before I go to sleep in the early morning hours tomorrow. The Rubber Onion Guys are doing a live show, talking about the Animation Battle entries, and I’m going to do my very best to participate in the chat and watch it live, and not pass out on my keyboard, because it’s set to start at 02:30 am my time.

Taking all of this into consideration, I simply scrolled through my Tumblr feed and copied parts of images of the artists on my feed. I started off with a sketch with no reference whatsoever, and it’s very clear which one it is, the anatomy is all over the place. I ended the session with a pen portrait from a photograph off Pinterest, which I am still almost happy with as of right now. Over on the previous page you can see some of my attempts at new logo ideas and concepts, something along the lines of a little mark I can just add to my images. I had to stop before I filled the page up, because the owner of the tiny feet (caught on camera below) was getting restless and wanted to jump and dance instead of watching me draw. Go figure.


Here are the links to the artists whose drawings I was studying:

I’m thinking it might be fun to maybe do some inspiration and resources posts, showcasing works by the artists I follow and admire, and analyzing the things I love most about their art. Not sure how to format it best yet, and how to pick them from the monstrously huge lists I have. Today I just randomly picked whatever showed up on my feed first.

Would anyone reading this be interested in anything like that?

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