Sketchy Selfie #9 and a Kitty for Maisie

I wanted to do a crazy colourful, cool looking portrait. Wild, crazy lines, expressive facial bits, textures.. Then I took a blunt brown pencil, that has been dropped by my daughter numerous times in the past month. The sketch was very muddy, looked nothing like my face, and was dark and dirty, just like the majority of my Inktober sketches, which I want to get away from.
Not to worry, I told myself, I’ll just water it down with this here paintbrush that Sunneh hasn’t chewed up yet, and the magical Inktense pencils will do the rest. Muddier still… At least I managed to enlarge my nose. I have a massive nose, and for some reason it looked like a tiny button on my first sketch.
Then there was more mud, and mess, and then I gave up and drew a white kitty for a dude I owe a cat drawing to.
Sketchy selfie #9

So here you go, Maisie, hope you like it. maisie_kitten

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