To Sum It All Up: October Edition


I’m having a lovely day.
First thing in the morning, I went and got not one, but two wisdom teeth removed. And to get the most out of my husband taking a day off work to sit with the baby while I party hard with an ice pack on my face, my dentist cut open my gums to stick some screws in (or something similar, whatchamacallit).  I’m now on all sorts of pills, possibly permanently brainfrozen. Thought this is as good a time as ever to try and sum up last month.

First, I wanted to see what all my Inktober drawings look like all piled up together:
#inktober2016 day 1! Fairy tales and food and flowers#inktober day 2#inktober day 3#inktober day 4#inktober day 5#inktober day 6#inktober day 7#inktober day 8#inktober day 9#inktober day 10#inktober day 11Inktober day 12Inktober day 13Inktober day 14Inktober day 15Inktober day 16Inktober day 17Inktober day 18Inktober day 19Inktober day 20Inktober day 21Inktober day 22Inktober day 23Inktober day 24Inktober day 25Inktober day 26Inktober day 27Inktober day 28Inktober day 29Inktober day 30Inktober day 31

I only really had one goal in mind when I started posting those: I wanted to last all the way to the end. I didn’t set out to drastically improve my pen and ink skills, or to win the internets with superawesome drawings. I managed to drag myself by the hair, kicking and moaning, to the end of the month with 31 pictures, and I’m pretty dang happy with myself for managing this much.

I had another goal I set for myself for October, a non-drawing one, and I only managed a small portion of that, which is a little upsetting. No point in crying over the proverbial spilled milk though, so I’ll just be carrying that one over to November.

Another interesting realization I had has to do with World of Warcraft. I was having so much fun raiding and running Mythic+ dungeons with the super cool guys from my new guild and a mix of old and new friends I made in-game, that I thought I’d last a lot longer this subscription round. Factoring various bits in, however, made me feel a little bitter and very guilty, so I decided things would be better off if I unsubscribed. I hope I manage to stay in touch with the new and amazing guys I met this time around, and don’t lose too much touch with my veteran WoW buddies (some of which I hope to see in person next summer).

All in all, this has been a fruitful and productive month, and I hope the next one is going to be even better. I just need to keep reminding myself to not give up when things aren’t working out the way I want and when I don’t feel like doing anything any more.


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