#Inktober Day 31: Bunnies’n’Bones

Hello, last day of Inktober, am I glad to see you.

Throughout this month, I consistently failed at many, many things. One of the more visible ones being filling up paper space with ink. I considered just colouring a page black with ink for today, but knew I’d regret it the moment I posted it. So I drew a bunny instead. And the cheerful looking gentleman there is Koschei the Deathless, an aquantance (possibly former fling?) of Baba Yaga. He is another go-to villain in many a tale, and his speciality is pestering young and beautiful maidens.

What’s with the bunny? Is that a parrot? What happened to it?
Well, you see, a deathless villain creates a bit of a problem for the glorious maiden-rescuer. Koschei’s death is hidden in a needle, in an egg, in a bird which is inside a hare, which is in a chest someplace very very hard to reach. (Or something of the sort… I definitely remember an egg and something cute and fluffy involved.)
Koschei usually entertains his lady guests in vast and rich palaces, filled with riches and delicious food, I mean, what else can this guy do to seduce someone? Not everyone is into the tall, evil and bony look.

Inktober day 31

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