#Inktober Day 30: Terrible Turnip

I’m not sure of this tale’s equivalents in other cultures, but it’s the one where Grandpappy couldn’t pull his HUGE turnip out all by himself, so he asked Grandmommy to help, who in turn calls the Grand-daughter, who then calls Zhuchka (Joochka? Zhouchka?), who calls the cat, who calls the mouse. And thanks to the power of friendship and togetherness, they successfully get the monster vegetable out.

Fun fact: the dog is the only one called by name, because in the original version the daughter calls “the bitch” to come help. (And the russian word for bitch is one letter away from the dog’s name)

Inktober day 30

Boy am I glad this month is  coming to an end. I’m pretty inked out by this point, as my drawings clearly show. I have more and more trouble coming up with fairy tales that I want to illustrate, and I’m tired or having to use pens and ink. This one is actually my second attempt at today’s drawing, the first one was so poorly done I scared myself a little.

I have the rest of the day to figure out tomorrow’s page. I’d really like to make it something interesting and special, and I’m worried I won’t have any good ideas

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