#Inktober Day 28: Weird Food

This is a completely new one for me, I’m at the point where I’m googling fairy tales again.

It goes something like this: A servant decided to see what super secret food the king was having all by himself, so he sneaked some into his room and had a bite or two. It was a white snake, yummy. The meat immediately granted him the power to understand animal-speech. Using his new superpower he proved his innocence in a “who ate mah ring” scandal, and buggered off to wander the world with a gifted horse. On his way he untangled some fish (even though fish are stupid, okay), slaughtered his horse to feed some lazy crow hatchlings (because he had such a kind heart, of course), and didn’t stomp on a bunch of ants (because they don’t like being crushed to death, weird ants).
In his travels he came across a kingdom with a princess for sale. I mean, ripe for a wedding. The princess was on a mission to annihilate all her suiters with impossible and pointless tasks (and execute all those that failed), but our animal whisperer, who only cared about her looks and not her horrible temper, succeeded in all the things with a little help from his animal friends. Last task involved magical apples that made the princess fall in love with him too, so they lived happily ever after.
Inktober day 28

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