Rejection and Meatballs

My Rubber-Onion-Battle-Entry-for-October-Themed-Rejected-Monsters is finally completed!!!1

As soon as I came up with the general idea for this one, I immediately thought of one of my guildmates. His voice seemed puuuurrfect for the part, and in his super awesomeness, Henk van Roest recorded the necessary parts in a number of takes right there and then.

Just like the last Mooooosetashey time, this served as an extra motivational poke to finish on time, as there was at least one other person that was mildly curious to see the outcome. As there’s very little actual animation, I finished this relatively fast, drawing the characters on the spot. I think I had the most trouble with the beginning shot, as I’ve never done any camera movements in animation before.

Finding the sound effects was a separate challenge. I used and was surprised to learn that finding the right SPLOINK! or SPLAT! or BOINK! isn’t as simple as I first anticipated. Heck, I had to record myself meowing because I couldn’t find the cat sounds I was looking for. I thought of recording my cat Sunneh first, but he sounds too loud and obnoxious to pass for an adorable white fluffy kitty.

Originally, I wanted to stick a whole lot many more Easter Eggs and homages in there. Halfway through, however, it somehow didn’t feel right to use THAT many of other people’s characters, especially animated ones. Also, I hope Rob forgives me D: (I really really liked those photos of him!)

As usual, here’s the link to the video if it doesn’t show up:

I wonder if anyone will catch ALL the references I stuffed in there…

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