#Inktober Day 21: A Remarkable Baba

Still trying to learn how to cover large areas of paper with ink, without it looking like smeared poop. No success here so far, sadly.

There are many tales of Baba Yaga. She’s generally the evil witch, living in the forest depths, dreaming of eating tasty children who carelessly wandered off, ate the wrong thing, thought the wrong thing, did the wrong thing, drank the wrong thing, didn’t listen to their parents, or just looked tasty. Sometimes, however, she’s kind and helpful, rescuing various tired and hungry heroes, giving them magical items and valuable advice. She keeps various pets and minions, and has complicated relationships with the neighbouring forest dwellers.

Up until today, when I started googling “goose swan”, I thought that this particular type of children-abducting witch minion was a made up fancy-word creature. I imagined that since it might’ve been hard to tell exactly whether it was a skein of geese or bevy of swans (more things I learned today!) from a distance, the narrators would just merge them into one, to sound both kind of accurate and well-spoken. My mind was blown when the google search showed me that a Swan Goose is actually a thing. A flappy looking, funny bird thing.
Inktober day 21

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