#Inktober Day 13: Buns and donkeys

Ooooh boy, I’m a little behind on my inky drawings! Two more to draw today.. and I’m also hoping to start my Rubber Onion entry (“Rejected Monsters” YAY!!!), aaaaaand there’s a bunch of other things I’ve planned for today…
I wanted to draw a boy butt, to counter the numerous girl butts and boobs I’ve posted recently. A healthy naked bits balance is important! It was a lot harder for me to come up with a boy-centered fairy tale though, so I dove into the Russian Folklore for this. The guy’s name is Ivan, and he’s the go-to male character. He’s stupid and lazy, and if it weren’t for all sorts of supernatural beings (like a magical russian stove, a clever talking wolf or the humped donkey-horse) he’d never find a good royal wife, and probably wouldn’t make it to his next birthday.
Inktober day 13

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