#Inktober Day 2: Slippers and Deception, Oh My!

For my next “Fairy tales and Food and Flowers” drawing I thought I’d explore a theory I read a while ago (it was mentioned in a detective story, as a hint to solving the murder). It involved two girls, a little trickery and a lot of betrayal and actually explained why neither the evil stepfamily or the prince recognized her in a different setting. That part always baffled me, I mean, all she did was clean up a little and wear a fancy dress! Even taking into consideration that she was super dirty at home, she still started off as the daughter of the lord (or whoever her father was). If the argument is that she was forced into the sooty cellars as a very young child, and then matured beyond recognition underneath the layers of filth, then how did she pull off pretending to be a high-society lady-princess, full of grace and knowing all the latest dance-moves?

It just doesn’t add up, does it… Unless something else, something dark and desperate actually took place.
#inktober day 2

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