End of August Weekend Madness

Boy did I have a crazy weekend. Come to think of it, the whole of last week was pretty mad, and to finish things off I got to spend some quality time with my sister (sadly we didn’t manage to finish watching the second half of Stranger Things), and spent around 8-9 hours playing Twilight Imperium. It was my second time playing this monster of a game, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

The book is coming along nicely, but I doubt I’ll be able to finish it this month after all, too much extra stuff was happening to me outside of my comfy computer desk’n’chair. I’ve been testing a set day schedule for about a week now, and outside of emergency family things popping up it seems to work pretty well so far. To make things perfect, I’d like a huge calendar board, where I could plan things, and stick pretty shiny papers and stickers on and make it look all fancy and important, instead of the tiny weekly planner I have right now, which gets misplaced all the time. I haven’t found something like that yet though.

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