A warrior, a princess, and giant drawing supplies. Thanking onions of rubber!

I’ve been wanting to post this for at least two days now, but I only got to drawing it today! July’s Battle Talk episode of the Rubber Onion Podcast is out, and Rob and Stephen found new and inventive ways of trying to pronounce my name 😀
If anything, I look forward to participating in future battles just for the sake of them attempting to say my name (cool and insightful discussions of the work behind making the animations aside, of course). Earlier this month I decided to not participate in this month’s battle, hoping to use the time wisely and get overdue work done, and I shall stick to that decision, no matter how itchy I get to draw some last-minute animation mini-short. Anyways, I think it was Rob that started it, but they kind of came up with these two characters, and I got the urge to draw them, so here they are!
Warrior Animator and Animator Princess
As you can see, Eli decided to help me add colour to this one as well, and insisted on sitting on my lap and drawing away as I was finishing the Princess. She tries to copy pretty much everything she sees me do, whether it’s talking on the phone, drawing, sitting in my spot on the sofa, eating from my plate or petting the cats. And she looks so cute doing it! I have to be a lot more careful with storing my drawing supplies these days, but it’s a reasonable price to pay, considering my baby is learning to draw 😀


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